“Coaching truly creates breakthrough for people. Being a coach, I have seen many clients from various countries around the world. Understanding the coaching tools and how to judiciously apply them in various situation is important. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching journey and I am expectant that you will experience great value from the program.”  – Louise Jane Professional Results Coach, England

“The coaching certification program is empowering and uplifting. I am a serial entrepreneur and the tools that I gain through the though-provoking coaching journey has helped me create breakthroughs and allowed me to experience so much success and results in my businesses.”  – Aaron Han Serial Entrepreneur, Malaysia

“Had a recent great opportunity to attend Mastery in Coaching fully moderated by Jedi and made lots of discovery. As a life coach you help people bring up the best in themselves and that is enriching. As a coachee you get amazing self discovery going through the process with your coach. With coaching you understand yourself more and get self realization as to why you are where you are or what you are, clearing and moving away mental blockages which may have accumulated over a life time. Just imagine a car engine that’s recently serviced or overhauled, how smooth will the journey ahead be. Coaching definitely changes life.”  – Wai Fong Cheng Business Entrepreneur, Malaysia

“I was doing a start-up, and I was struggling with sales and business. Jedidiah came in as my Results Coach, and helped me transformed my business. In just a few sessions of coaching, I gained clarity for my business and his method in Sales helped me tripled my sales. I thought that I couldn’t do it but through his sales coaching I saw the tangible results and personal breakthrough. I saw the value of coaching, and I joined his coaching program, it was the best decision. Now with the coaching tools, I am able to inspire my team.”  – Anindya Saha IT Entrepreneur, India

“The coaching soft skills I gained from learning how to be a coach helped me improve my relationship with my spouse and also gave me the tools to empower me to be more motivated in what I do. Thanks for the power coaching!” – Deborah Tan Audio and Music Technology Lecturer, Singapore He gave even less information with regard to higher education, but he did briefly touch on revamping how much colleges and universities charge for tuition, how they use endowment funds, and how much their writemypaper4me.org/ administrators are paid